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If you use your vehicle for business purposes then your needs will differ quite vastly from the average driver. Whether your vehicle is used as an integral part of your commercial activity such as delivery, or simply used to ferry you between different places of work, you will need some form of commercial vehicle insurance or van insurance.

There are many different levels of business use insurance that are available, with the most comprehensive providing cover for transportation of goods and door-to-door sales. If you require UK commercial insurance for a business vehicle or van then please complete our online form and we can make sure that we can give you the protection you need.

Please call us on

01603 400755

or get in touch and we will be pleased to help in any way we can.

Available Cover Types:

  • Social Domestic & Pleasure
  • Carriage of Own Goods
  • Carriage of Goods for Hire & Reward
  • Courier
  • Haulage
  • Parcel Delivery
  • Commercial Travelling
  • Ice Cream Vans
  • Motor Trade

We have access to 20 of the UK’s top Insurers, so we can find you cover that’s just right for you.

We have excellent rates and cover for courier insurance, small van insurance and transit van insurance. We also specialise in goods in transit insurance, tools cover and public and employer’s liability insurance.

What our Customers say

“I have a renewal for van insurance from my old broker and The Insurance Centre beat the renewal quote by £98. Car insurance followed with a similar result and £103 saved.

Martin Ilett

Please call us on 01603 400755 or get in touch and we will be happy to help
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